There Is No Tomorrow

There Is No Tomorrow is a Third person Stealth/Action Adventure video game developed by KOEX studio. Currently the game is developed for PC. Release date was set on Jan 15th on Steam.

The game centers on protagonist Leon as he time traveled into the future world full of horrid and hostile creatures that he never seen before. Played in a third person perspective, players battle monster-like enemies, including humans using guns and melee weapons or stealth their way through to progress the levels. Being a story-driven adventure game, players can choose between stealth or action approach while some levels require to solve mysterious puzzles.

There Is No Tomorrow received positive reception when its' demo release in December 2017 & several mentions by Indie-DB, the largest indie game website.


The single-player story is arranged in chapters, which players complete in order to progress through the story. The game is played from a third-person perspective in which scavenging for items and learning how to stealth is crucial in surviving the dangers of the game. The game's most common enemy, is very fast and deal high damage, Players will most likely be dead after just a few hits. As a regular student, Leon must learn to survive in this adventure.

Leon, the protagonist, needs to make use of the environment and things he may find in order to survive. Some of the items include melee weapons, steel traps, various distraction things and ammunition.



There Is No Tomorrow began development in late 2017 with development taking place at home using game engine Unity. The game draw its' inspirations from various popular video games such as Life is Strange, Last of Us, Metal gear solid.

A game demo was released in December 2017 on Gamejolt. In March/April, it was steam greenlit by the community in less than 2 weeks.

On April 2017, the game was nominated by Indie Prize Singapore to take part in the 3 days convention held in Sentosa Convention hall.